You’re ready to make sustainable change. That’s why you’re starting therapy. A key factor in your success is your relationship with your counsellor.

Let’s explore three (3) key elements of the therapeutic relationship:

1. Trust

If you’re holding back during your sessions, your progress may be slow. It’s important to remember and trust that your counsellor is committed to helping you tap into the strengths you need to navigate life’s hard moments. No judgement, just support.

2. Collaboration

Your counsellor is someone you should be able to work and communicate with openly. Our approach to counselling is built on compassion and creating a safe space for you to be open and confident to do the work needed to make a meaningful transformation. Give feedback and challenge assumptions.

3. Consensus

A part of your work in therapy is identifying themes and patterns that show up in your life, then setting goals to address them. You and your counsellor must come to a mutual agreement on the actions you need to take. Plus, the skills and problem-solving techniques you’ll try between sessions.

Working with a counsellor you trust, can collaborate and find consensus with is a great foundation to achieving progress and making it through the peaks and valleys of healing.


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