People often have preconceived ideas of what therapy is like before they seek support in their mental wellness journey. They're often not sure what the tangible  benefits of committing to a therapeutic practice are, and how they can see its lifelong effects.

Some people also have a negative view and fear of therapy as an activity that is "not for them", or "a sign of weakness", or "something only a specific type of person does", which couldn't be further from the truth. In our practice we see people from all walks of life, every gender, age, and relationship status.

Every person deserves the chance to live in alignment with their truest selves and heal from experiences that affect their identity, self-worth, and daily lives. There is a freedom in unburdening yourself of the internal conflicts that you may not feel comfortable working through with loved ones and friends.

Seeking a counsellor or therapist who has a collaborative approach to therapy that aligns with your style of learning and implementing change can do wonders for your resilience and transformation. Let's explore some of the benefits of therapy:

Understand yourself more deeply

Inner work, it's the intentional observation of thought and practice of speaking to yourself positively that leads to peace and growth. Thoughts are tools and therapy is your handy guide to using thoughts for self-examination that goes beyond the surface – beyond fear, shame, anger, and other lingering feeling from events and relationships – to examine patterns, beliefs, attitudes, and behaviours. In understanding yourself deeply, you can begin to address any thoughts that disrupt progress and prevent you from setting healthy boundaries.

Become a better communicator

The insights you gain in therapy often help adjust your perspective of how you see the world. When the lens you see people and events through isn't muddled with feelings you're holding on to from negative events, you can relate to others with a clearer head. Instead of making assumptions during interactions, you'll find ways to ask clarifying questions that focus on the intentions and motivations of your friends, family, coworkers, or even strangers.

Make choices that transform your life

Therapy is long-lasting. The work you do every other week with your counsellor, doesn't end when your session does. A great therapeutic relationship gives you the empathy you deserve, tools that you can use between sessions, the know how to adjust your perception around situations that come up  and make better choices for the long term. Skills you learn in therapy stay with you – for years.

Heal from trauma & become more resilient

When trauma goes unaddressed, repressed feelings don't go away. They linger and show up in different ways, in all types of relationships, often holding you back from achieving personal and professional goals. Dealing with trauma — from a physical incident, childhood relationships, negative events and patterns in your life — puts you in a position to heal, build resilience, and form new patterns and ways of handling challenges. 

If you still have questions about how therapy can benefit you, book a free no obligation 20-minute phone consultation with BRI Counselling and get your questions answered.

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