BRI Counselling is committed to inclusion, accessibility, excellence, equity, and empowerment in serving all clients, including people with visible and non-visible disabilities, and in accordance with the provisions of the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA).  BRI Counselling seeks to create a warm, safe, inclusive, and welcoming environment that promotes full engagement, participation, inclusion, dignity, equity, belonging, independence, equal opportunity, and empowerment for all individuals, including people experiencing disabilities of all sorts, whether temporary or permanent, visible or non-visible, physical or psychological.  


Our approach is based on our mission, vision, and values as an organization and team of caring, compassionate, committed counsellors who are dedicated to supporting, encouraging, and empowering all clients at every stage of their journey using a strength-based, anti-racist, anti-oppressive, culturally responsive, intersectional lens and framework in our work with each unique client.  We are particularly committed to using a strength-based, anti-racist, and intersectional lens to support and empower the most marginalized clients who are experiencing multiple forms of oppression, racism, discrimination, ableism, marginalization, and disability in accessing services that accommodate their needs and empower them to make progress in their journeys.


Welcoming Individuals with Disabilities & Providing Needed Accommodations


BRI Counselling welcomes the opportunity to offer inclusive, accessible, accommodated services to all   individuals, including those experiencing disabilities of any sort, whether visible or non-visible, temporary or permanent, physical, psychological, or cognitive, and including mental health disabilities and addictions. 

Engaging with Assistive Devices


BRI Counselling understands that some clients with disabilities may benefit from use of assistive devices while accessing services.  During initial intake and consultation, we assess client needs for use of assistive devices and ensure that the counsellors serving clients who use assistive devices are trained and familiar with the assistive devices that clients with disabilities may use while accessing services.  


Engaging in Accessible Communication


We welcome the opportunity to accommodate the unique needs of our clients.  This includes engaging in accessible forms of communication with individuals experiencing disabilities in ways that take into account their identified disability and support their full inclusion, engagement, and participation in the services we provide.  

Welcoming Service Animals


We welcome the service animals who accompany individuals experiencing disabilities as they access and engage in the services we provide.  Service animals are welcome to accompany individuals with disabilities who are accessing our services whether online or in person.  


Welcoming Support Persons

We welcome the support persons who may accompany clients experiencing disabilities as they access our services, whether online or in person. 

Providing Timely Notice of Temporary Disruptions

In situations where there is a planned or unexpected disruption to services or facilities for clients with disabilities, BRI Counselling will promptly notify clients. The notice will be clearly posted and communicated and will include information about the anticipated length of the disruption, the cause or reason for the disruption, and information on any available alternative services or facilities.  The notice will appear on the BRI Counselling website and at the office reception desk.


Welcoming Feedback

BRI Counselling is committed to providing excellent, inclusive, equitable service to all clients, including individuals with disabilities.  In our efforts to monitor and continuously improve our services, we welcome feedback on the services we provide to people with disabilities. Please email feedback to our Founder and Director, Fola Browne, at and note Accessibility Feedback in the subject line.