Monique is a creative and compassionate social worker who aims to serve her clients through a judgement-free approach to counselling. She first works with her clients to understand their concerns and then supports them in developing and pursuing a plan that promotes their healing and growth.  She aims to help clients to break unhealthy patterns, to develop greater coping skills, and to lead more fulfilling and fruitful lives.  Her work with clients addresses challenges such as anxiety, coping skills, depression, domestic abuse, life transitions, peer relationships, relationship issues, self-esteem, sexual abuse and stress.  Monique’s goal is always to help clients consider their experiences as building blocks rather than roadblocks.  

Monique earned a Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) and a Master of Social Work (MSW) from McMaster University.  During her studies, Monique conducted research on Black youth and poetry and in her practice, she strives to diversify the counselling space.  She recognizes the need for counselling sessions to be customized to fit the unique needs, interests, and backgrounds of each client and she strives to create a space that will facilitate change for each client in ways that are suitable for them.  

Monique’s passion for research combined with her lived experiences have helped to excellently equip her to be on the frontlines in supporting those who have been impacted by trauma.  She has experience working in a variety of settings both in Canada and abroad, including with a wide range of clients, complex situations, and with individuals who have experienced various types of traumas. She has developed programs to support clients through challenges such as sexual and domestic violence, stress and other challenges related to mental health. She uses a trauma-informed approach while also incorporating narrative therapy techniques.   

Monique believes that people are naturally resilient yet also need appropriate care and rest.  To support her mental health and healing, Monique frequently plans nature walks for Black women in the GTA to provide an opportunity to build community with other women and find rest and healing from the challenges that may come up in their everyday lives.  

In her spare time, Monique enjoys listening to music and spending time outdoors. 

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