Brittany is a warm, genuine, embracing and dedicated social worker who specializes in counseling youth, adults, and seniors.  With 12 years of experience, she has provided one-to-one counselling support to diverse people who are experiencing complex challenges related to mental and physical health, substance use, homelessness, ageism, racism, homophobia, gender-based violence, family conflict, public system failure, and oppression.  Using a strengths-based and trauma-informed approach, Brittany helps people recognize the power and capabilities they possess and build strategies for self-empowerment and self-improvement.  By encouraging and celebrating the strengths and achievements of her clients, she fosters self-advocacy and self-sufficiency.

With a wide range of lived experiences, Brittany is approachable, relatable, and offers knowledge and experience as well as emotional and practical support to her clients.  She has a genuine concern for her clients’ overall well-being and cultivates relationships with her clients that help them to create meaningful change.  She practices reflective listening and by supporting clients in exploring their concerns, questions, patterns, behaviours, and resiliency, she helps them to achieve a better quality of life by envisioning and building the life they desire. 

Brittany works to promote social justice and equity for racialized, colonized and oppressed communities by practicing from a structuralist, post-conventionalist, anti-racist and post-colonialist lens. Her greatest goal as a counsellor and social worker is to create systemic change and representation for disadvantaged communities without abusing her power and thus create more social distance between disadvantaged communities and systems of power. 

In her down time, Brittany likes to listen to music while cleaning the house, go for walks with her partner and dog, and spend time with family and friends. She has also been known to pick up a book on a rainy day.

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