Julia is a registered Social Worker (MSW, RSW) and Educator (Bachelor of Education) who specializes in using mind-body practices such as yoga, mindfulness, expressive arts and counseling to engage with, empower, and promote healing for individuals, families and communities.  Her therapeutic style is grounded in the principles of compassion, confidentiality and holistic healing.  She is also is dedicated to finding the middle path and to helping clients find and maintain balance in their life. Sessions with Julia involve an anti-oppressive, resilience-building and body-based approach that also includes tangible tools and practical daily applications that clients can use right away.

Julia completed a Master’s Degree in Social Work with a focus on Indigenous Trauma and Resilience and her work with clients honours the importance of culturally informed trauma therapy. This means that Julia strives to empower clients by engaging with their existing personal and cultural wisdom as well as with modern therapy practices. In this way, the unique strengths of each client are activated and expanded to promote healing, growth, and balance.  Her approach allows clients to creatively weave their distinctive personalities into a therapeutic practice that is unique and meaningful for each individual.  For over a decade, Julia has enjoyed supporting clients and communities on their journey to greater resilience, healing, compassion, and growth through her work in schools, hospitals, studios and retreats.  

For Julia, resilience means reconnecting with personal strengths and cultivating greater compassion for the parts of the self that may feel hardest to love. Yoga has been a large part of that journey for Julia.  Her studies in yoga began at age four alongside her grandfather, long before she learned physical postures, and she is incredibly grateful for those humble beginnings. Reclaiming the practice of yoga in her life has been important to Julia’s personal and collective intergenerational healing and she enjoys supporting others in finding greater healing, compassion, and growth through mind-body practices such as yoga.

To unwind, Julia enjoys Soca and dancing in the kitchen while she cooks! She also values spending time with her family and friends whilst eating and laughing. Lastly, she is always planning the next road trip or travel opportunity to get out into nature, explore and relax. 

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