Enjoy our curated playlist of relaxing lo-fi beats, perfect for a relaxing weekend at home, a short road trip, our the soundtrack for a cleaning session.

Lo-fi beats have risen in popularity over the last decade and have been a favourite for those who like to work and study to music, without the distraction. The science behind lo-fi beats borrows from the technical production of instrumentals that "lull you into a mental state that doesn't divert your attention". When you listen to music with lyrics, the words can be triggers to memories, good or bad, and the feelings that come with those events or times in your life.

After a long and busy week where you've likely been overstimulated with a multitude of draws to your attention and content from your many devices, listening to soothing rhythms without lyrics while tackling your weekend tasks, practicing yoga or lounging around can help you stay present and relaxed.

The connection between music and health has been long studied in medical and psychiatric circles. We are what we consume, the entertainment and news we consume is proven to have an effect on our moods. So, when we are trying to relax and heal, the type of content we choose to expose ourselves to matters. 

Pay attention to how you feel while and after listening to certain songs and take care when you need a change of mood.

Follow the playlist here.

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